Neighbours from Hell.

This is my latest blog post on Stranger than Fiction…I hope you all enjoy it as much as EE is enjoying his new speakers!

Stranger than Fiction.


EE and I are moving in together next year. These fuckers arrived today – ‘our’ new speakers.

“For the Music Suite” EE informs me.

“I’m sorry the what? The Music Suite?” It’s the first I’ve heard.

“In the new house”. EE obviously has big plans for the 3 bed terrace I’ve scoped out on Rightmove.

“The Music Suite where exactly? Hell?” One job he had – “You sort the technology out, I’ll do everything else.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t see any wires.” Like that’s the issue, with those things in the ‘Music Suite’ I won’t be able to find the friggin’ walls never mind the wires.

EE starts laughing at “your face”, it doesn’t help matters.

“The new neighbours are going to love seeing these things wheeled into the new place aren’t they?”

“Don’t worry Darling, we’ll disguise them” EE claims whilst trying to pick off the illuminous green “BADASS BASS” stickers.

A man and his new speakers…

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