Do I have to wear a coat today?

The battle line is drawn.

We as parents are about to fall

Into the universal, never-ending, deal-making, mood-breaking, before we can take a day-out we must participate in

The Debate.

The ‘do I have to wear a coat?’ debate.

But it doesn’t look like it’s gonna rain today

But remember – I was too hot yesterday.

OK, if I wear my coat can I take my jumper off?

What about if I just put the hood on and keep my arms out?

If I do wear my coat do I have to zip it up?

You know -The Debate.

I’ve had this debate forever.

I don’t know when It started but it’s time that it depar – fucked off.

It’s not appreciated – just another one of those things that makes you feel exasperated, you’re about to leave the house and you get frustrated in anticipation of it –

The Debate.

The “but it’s not really raining anyway” debate. The “but I get really sweaty on my bike” debate. The “but it’s too heavy to wear in the wind”debate. The “PUT YOUR BLOODY COAT ON WE’RE ALREADY LATE!” debate.

The stiff-arm, dead-weight, toddler-stuff and zip debate.

Why didn’t anybody tell me about this bit?



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